the heist - val d'isère


Join the FUSS, Planks’ digital community, and journey across the Espace Killy ski area taking part in rad missions. Complete the missions to reveal a combination that will unlock the swag and take your pick of the loot.

get involved.

The Heist is a check-point-to-check-point rally across the Espace Killy ski area. Navigate your team to the check-points and complete each mission to learn the number combination which will unlock the prize chest. Prizes are awarded on a first-come-first-served basis. From start to finish we estimate the duration of the event to be approximately 4 hours.

Down for an adventure with some sick prizes to be won? Hell yeah! Here's what you need to do:

  1. Form a three-man crew of swindlers, crooks and chancers and sign yourselves up to the FUSS. You must all be signed up to the FUSS to take part.
  2. Check the terms and conditions and register for the event below. Ask your team mates to do the same. No sign-ey, no Heist-ey.
  3. The meeting point is Planks Store in Val Village at 10:30am on Wednesday 6th April.
  4. We’ll send you a code word, use it at the till to access the first mission.
  5. Wax your getaway vehicle and wait… we’ll be in touch.

get loose at the after party.

The heist of the century isn’t complete without a serious blowout. Apres starts at the Planks Store at 3:00pm. After you’ve robbed the safe, join Planks at Le Petit Danois (34 Rue du Parc des Sports, 73150 Val-d'Isère) from 10pm and come disguised as a Pimp or Hoe for safe measure… you wouldn’t want to get nicked. Rumour has it, Planks' kingpin, Mr Jim Adlington, will be spinning some tunes!


terms and conditions.

Skiing is inherently dangerous. I acknowledge this risk and accept full responsibility for myself while participating in the Heist.
I understand that the Heist is a checkpoint rally, not a race. I will ski within my abilities and will be considerate of other skiers on the mountain.
I agree that Planks assumes no responsibility for injury/fatalities to myself or other slope users while I am participating in the Heist.
I understand that the Heist is not a guided service and I take full responsibility for my choice of route.
I acknowledge that participation in each checkpoint challenge is my own choosing. I understand that participating in these tasks does not require me to perform tricks or manoeuvres beyond my ability. Riding through the terrain park and boardercross can be challenging and dangerous, but I do so at my own risk.
I understand that Planks recommends the use of a certified helmet whilst skiing/snowboarding.
I understand that the FUSS is an online application which requires mobile data. I acknowledge that Planks is not responsible for costs incurred by myself from data and roaming charges during the event.
I agree to the use of photos or video in which I feature, by Planks, for promotional purposes for a period of up to 10 years following the event.
I understand that skiing under the influence of alcohol carries increased risk of injury to myslef and others and that by arranging a discounted price on alcoholic beverages at partner venues, Planks is not making the consumption of alcohol a requirement of participation. If I choose to drink and ski, that is my own decision.